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  • agniecha
  • From Spain
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  • [CCC] She spoke words of wisdom.
  • [TGL] I'm upside down I'm inside out.
  • [ATT] Can't you see all the flowers dying all around you.
  • [ATT] But I came to love you anyway so you pulled my heart out.
  • min-t
  • From United States
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  • the negative of the silhouette, of a dock crane backlit at sunset//gasping for exit through unknown air, if i wasn't when i am
  • i know you remember, how the leaves fell in november//the cold wind of december, and how we just fell apart || CCC
  • every little earthquake, every time you're working late//bodies shifting slowly apart || DTAT
  • they float up like bones from the sea, old molds dying in a reverie//sometimes in the clear light, i become untied//the earth dives into the sun's fire, the horizon folds || DTAT

  • Sashay
  • Dream On
  • Magnolia
  • On This Day

  • acoustic guitar strings, echoing
  • to another heart
  • wildest wind
  • nice girl, sharp teeth
  • mandamel
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  • we owe it to the willing souls, to the white lie {gd}
  • placebo feelings {gd}
  • you're a crook, I'm a thief ~ you're the heart, I'm the beat ~ we're a mess, but we try {gd}
  • ready or not {gd}

  • PM - AM. Cool nights, warm days.
  • Can we stay up late talking nonstop?
  • Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first.
  • Take me away.

  • CoriSweet: Sliver Lining
  • Always Love
  • Candice Watson Audion
  • Sarah:  Pops Goes The World  round 1

  • Mass is not proportional to volume
  • Flight Log: Destination {botigot7s}
  • The first date {wgm}
  • *startled yelp after seeing a group of bunnies hop out from behind a tree*

  • 29/04
  • Got the blues
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